28 Jan 2018

Essential Perfume Workshop

Create your own natural fragrance from essential oils. You’ll learn how to make a few different fragrances in this workshop to take away with you. Niki Em will show you how, and let you know what they all mean along with what their amazing powers are to help you health and vitality.

What you will take away:

  • Experience CPTG Essential Oils First Hand
  • the basics of why commercial fragrances and perfumes are so toxic and sometimes make you sick.
  • Learn about the physical and emotional supportive power of doTERRA essential oils
  • make your own take away blends that support specific feelings and states of mind AND make you smell delishuz
  • April 21st : 3 x 5ml. roller ball blends
Fragrance vs. Perfume #1
Fragrance vs. Perfume #2
About the instructor:

Nicole McCauley was an swimmer growing up. Swimming in a pool sometimes more than 3-5 days a week, resulted in her developing a myriad of environmental irritations from over exposure to the toxic chemical, chlorine. As a result she had to completely stop being around OR using any product with chlorine… it was so bad she couldn’t even shower without a filter to remove the chlorine and other toxins. This motivated her search for non-toxic, chemical free solutions which started in the mid 90’s.

After years of searching, she finally came across the DoTERRA line of essential oils. For the past 4 years she has been sharing what she has learned through community classes, workshops, private gatherings and one on one consultations. She helps people discover natural solutions through the use of these powerful essential oils which in turn support the cultivation of their intuition ultimately guiding them to self empowered, non-toxic, safe and inexpensive solutions to the ups and downs of everyday life.