V Rib Top

V Rib Top

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 V Rib means curve friendly. V Rib means made for heat and for sizzle. 

KRELwear's V Rib Top comes in Crop, Regular Top and Long. 

V Rib Crop Top means to natural waist which is above your belly button.
V Rib Top means it will cover slightly past your natural waist and belly button. If you wear medium rise pants but don't want to tuck in your shirt, this is a good length for you.
V Rib Long Top is great of you have a longer torso or a bigger bust because the more it stretched in width, the sorter it gets in length. This is also a good choice if you like to tuck in your shirt.

One size fits Most.

Knit and designed @ KREL's Studio in Miami, FL. 

Made to order. Allow 3-4 weeks for package to arrive depending on destination.

For your reference, our model Karo is 5' 5" and she usually wears a G-Cup and is wearing our Medium length top.

*Our products are all pre-washed and have been tested as swimwear. In the ocean and the pool. Must be washed in cold water the day of wear if wet. KRELwear does not assume any damages after use or mis-handling.