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Wanna a quickie? Custom clothes made from KREL fabrics for Men, Women, Children, Pets during a one hour session.

In Store Experience

1 Hour Experience

Offered in English

Hosted by Karelle Levy, a local fashion designer and textile artist known for creating her own fabrics our of knitted cotton for the hot tropical weather. She has made about 2,000 quickies and keeps on going.

Quickie Couture is a collaborative project between you and me. You pick the fabric, tell me what you would like, ie t-shirt, sweatshirt, cardigan, dress, etc. I pin the fabric to fit you with your specifications. You approve it. I sew it. Then I take a Polaroid of the finished product.

KREL 2 go — Quickie Couture is a bespoke fashion project by fashion/textile designer and performance artist – Karelle Levy.  Karelle fits her fabrics to the body’s specifications within the hour or less. The finished product is captured by Polaroid and added to the KREL-2-GO album. A moment captured on a personal and now rare medium. These tongue-in-cheek ‘Quickies’ are of course fun with the performance becoming a shared experience and therefore something quite special. The on-going documentation is now into the 4th album. Karelle has fitted and collected the images of over 2,000 custom made on the spot pieces. This series of instant portraits are intimate vignettes of the clients, friends and fellow artists, all of who are modeling their own piece of wearable artwork. ‘KREL 2 go’ has popped up around the world, as Karelle takes her practice to art fairs, boutiques, galleries, parties and private venues.   The photographic albums are an archive of that connectivity. Row upon row of neatly arranged Polaroid images, many light faded and slightly washed out.  This experience allows any person, any age, gender, and size, the chance to have your own one of a kind piece by Karelle.

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