Ballet dreams do come true

I grew up as a dancer. From the age of 8 to 16 I was a ballet student, but I was never to become a professional.  My curves came once puberty hit, I wasn't great at remembering choreography.  The love for dancing went from ballet school to night clubs and dancing is still one of my favorite things to do.   

So when I was asked by the Miami City Ballet to make some leg-warmers for the Rodeo dance piece, a brilliant performance of a mainly male cast of athletic movements through the stage, I was delighted!   

It was a dream come true!  Tho a little part of the piece, and not the costume designer, but rather a commission to make something already designed.  Just the simple fact of being in the costume shop and working with the costume designer
Reid Bartelme of Reid & Harriett was exciting in itself.   

When I first graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, I wanted to get a job at the costume shop at the Miami City Ballet,  unfortunately it didn't work out.  But my love for performance art led me to an internship with the Florida Grand Opera.   Still years later, the excitement was still very relevant!  

I got to do what I do best, knit, for the Miami City Ballet! 

Get your own Legwarmers!

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