Here's our best tips for taking care of my KREL Tropical Knitwear. 

-Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent
-Gently ring dry
-Hand dry lighter pieces or flat dry heavier pieces 

All KREL products are pre-washed by hand.  

If worn in the ocean or the pool, rinse with fresh water as soon as possible. We can't be held responsible for what's in the water, every pool may have different chemical combinations and fabric reactions are possible. 

Can I use the washing machine?

You can, with a little care. We recommend putting your KREL in a delicates pouch with your machine set to a delicate  or hand wash setting with cold water. Machine washing causes the knits to wear at a quicker pace than hand washing.  

I snagged my KRELwear!   What do I do?
Call us before you make it worse.  Most times it's an easy fix. 
We do offer quick fixes in the shop, so click here to contact us.