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Karelle Levy, textile artist turned fashion designer, but really all encompassing maker, and creator; uses knitwear to express herself. KREL came from Karelle's high school tag, and then ultimately became the name of her Tropical Knitwear line.

Knit lends itself to so many things like knitwear and knitting installations. A manipulation of yarn to create anything in which fibers, as a medium, allow Karelle Levy to paint with a vibrant brush.

See some of KREL's installations below.

If you would like to inquire about a custom installation for an event or show contact use here.

Rainbow KREL Art Karelle Levy

Rainbow, 2015
Karelle Levy

100 Degrees in the Shade Exhibition

Knit yarn on a curved conduit. Made of cotton, rayon, metallic, polyester, silk, lyocell, and glow in the dark fibers.

A study of rainbows through of knitted yarn.  Karelle’s favorite color is sunset, but rainbow is close behind.  The fascination of colors separated in the mid air created through prisms in light is always a pleasant sight to be held by all walks of life.  The rainbow represents so many things. I believe it’s a symbol for everyone’s unity. We all live under the rainbow, no matter what color, status, sex, or age. Everyone see the Rainbow.

Interknit Project KREL Art Karelle Levy

The InterKnit

A world wide "web" that literally connects individuals through knitting and crochet. 

Textile artist Karelle Levy's ever-expanding interactive installation encourages viewers to participate by adding as many or as little stitches. 

As people connect more through their devices, the need for physical interaction and hands-on activities is more necessary than ever to balance the rise in technology. Research shows that craft activities promote the development of neural pathways in the brain that maintain cognitive health. Knitting and crochet have proven to induce a relaxed state that is associated with meditation and yoga.  Once novices get beyond the initial learning curve, knitting and crocheting can lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

Karelle and assistant Eva are available to teach these skills to anyone who would like to learn.

Gallery2612, 2017


 SuperFine Art Show, 2017