Before I was a student of Textile Design at Rhode Island School of Design, I was a creator. I was born of a mother that knew how to command fabric. Years later I still enjoy pushing the boundaries of what people think of knitted fabric. From being a fiber artist making large scale sculptural environments to producing fashion elements for Miami’s tropical climate, I’ve remained fluid around my realm of expertise. I can’t say anyone that knows me would categorize me as a classical knit artist, and I try daily to leave my mark on fashion and fabric history.
From blending rainbows of color with sparkling metallic threads, neon polymers, or phosphorescent yarns, I’ve always enjoyed creating unusual fabrics with an element of surprise. I’ve also integrated my background of dance, performance art, and fashion to create unique fashion shows and art pieces, creating long-lasting memories with attendees and gaining friends in the community along the way. From private resort parties to full-stage settings for theatre and live music events, my work has traveled the globe and is extremely diverse in its audience. My work is as comfortable on runways and exhibits as it is in art centers and classrooms. I truly do enjoy working with people from all kinds of backgrounds as I believe art and fashion should be shared with everyone that’s open enough to enjoy it.
The Interknit Installation, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Karelle Levy
The InterKnit (2017-current)
A world wide "web" that literally connects individuals through knitting and crochet. 

Miami Beach Botanical Garden, On View

Plymouth Hotel, 2020, No Vacancy Award Recipient

World Happiness Summit, 2017
Vogue Live Knitting San Francisco, 2018
The Gates Hotel, 2019

Wynwood Market, 2017

25 Foot Patchwork Canopy, Haitian Cultural Art Center 2019

Flip and Glow, 2017
Rainbow KREL Art Karelle LevyRainbow, 2015

Patchwork Souk, SuperFine Art Show, Miami 2017

Blue Waves, 2015
Stretched Patchwork, Hot Drip, Karelle Levy Art
Hot Drip 2015
Moss Pom Pom, 2015

Double Neon, 2013
Mini Glow Canvas, 2012

Violet Glow Drape, 2012

Hot Drip, 2014

Artist Voodoo Dolls, 2010

Glow Vines, Olympia Theatre Miami, 2012
Bread and Butter Berlin Karelle Levy 2011
Patchwork Camper, Berlin, Bread and Butter, 2011