As a fiber artist I use yarn as my paint, mixing and blending various fibers to create unique colors and textures. As the fabrics transform into shapes, they can then be morphed into so many new creations, giving life to static forms. From costume design, fashion and wearable art to large-scale interactive installations, my work feeds from the concepts of traditional craft and turns them into unconventional shapes and structures. Knits are not just sweaters and socks; knitting is the basis of centuries of useable objects in our society.

My goal is to educate and surprise the viewer to change their idea of what knit is and what it can become. I create my fiber works to connect with memories of our youth and family, it’s story-telling with stitches. My practice of zero waste production turns scraps into artworks, tents, and costumes. I collect remnants from previous projects to create new works, assembling multicolored patchwork rooms like puzzles. I use these seemingly chaotic environments to create comforting spaces. Each piece is site specific, fitted to a person or place, draped or holding space, all of them helping connect us to our past while knitting new stories for future generations.


Berber Svenska Migration tent by Karelle Levy
Berber Svenska Tent, 2023
The Interknit Installation, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Karelle Levy 
Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Plymouth Hotel, 2020, No Vacancy Award Recipient

World Happiness Summit, 2017
Vogue Live Knitting San Francisco, 2018
The Gates Hotel, 2019

Wynwood Market, 2017

25 Foot Patchwork Canopy, Haitian Cultural Art Center 2019

Flip and Glow, 2017
Rainbow KREL Art Karelle LevyRainbow, 2015, 100 Degrees in the Shade Exhibition

Patchwork Souk, SuperFine Art Show, Miami 2017

Blue Waves, 2015
Stretched Patchwork, Hot Drip, Karelle Levy Art
Hot Drip 2015
Moss Pom Pom, 2015

Double Neon, 2013
Mini Glow Canvas, 2012

Violet Glow Drape, 2012

Hot Drip, 2014

Artist Voodoo Dolls, 2010

Glow Vines, Olympia Theatre Miami, 2012
Bread and Butter Berlin Karelle Levy 2011
Patchwork Camper, Berlin, Bread and Butter, 2011