Can I vist KREL Tropical Knitwear?
Yes! The KREL Atelier is located in a hidden enclave called IRONSIDEa vibrant, mixed-use urban center located in Miami's Upper Eastside / Little River / Lemon City / Little Haiti / MIMO District (Yes its all one area with many names) 

7580 NE 4th Court, Suite #111
Miami, FL 33138
Store Hours:
Monday- Saturday  12 PM- 7PM

Do I need to make an appointment?

You are more than welcome to stop by during our regular show hours.  As a team of three, Karelle, Eva & Maggie, we prefer our clients to set an appointment. Sometimes our projects take us out of our studio, so appointments are the best way to guarantee our full attention. Click here for an appointment or call ahead. 

KREL's tropical knitwear is inspired by and designed for Miami's sub-tropical climate. From our lows of 60s to highs of 90s, we have little necessity to keep warm except for indoor air-conditioning. Miami has two seasons; warm sunny winters and hot rainy summers. Our light weight knits lend themselves perfectly to Miami's eternal sunshine and sex appeal. We blend natural fibers that easily wear from sunrise to sunset to sunrise again.

Can I really swim in KREL?
Of course! Our rompers and two-piece sets are great for swimming with that vintage vibe. We've tested our knits in salt water and chlorinated pools.  Although we have not experienced any damage, we never know what chemicals maybe used. Just rinse in fresh water and ring dry. Just know, we are not able to take responsibility for any damage to the fabric caused by random pool chemicals. 

How do I care for my KREL?
Did you know we hand wash everything before we sell them? To ensure your KREL's longevity, hand wash in cold water and hang dry. For more detailed instructions click here.

How is KREL zero waste?
At KREL Tropical Knitwear, every strand of yarn has a purpose. When we make a happy accident, up-cycling happens in one of many ways; a one-off LAB sales piece, a tote bag, a stuffed animal, bottle holder, an insta-pocket, a phone case, a business card holder, a door log, a speaker cover,  or anything else we can think of. The yarn used to start our knitting process, which gets cut off, gets collected into a bin of very pretty sparkling yarns are used as the guts to stuff our dolls. During development we test out patterns, shapes, yarn stitches, etc. Our knits produced during the developmental phase are available in store only for under $100 as part of our KREL LAB Collection.
Why are there tiny holes on the sides of my KREL?

If you see little holes in a line at the side of your KREL, that is because your piece was knit in the round. We add stitches to increase the "side seam" of the garment in order for us to create our signature one size shapes of tubular knits. Sometimes we add design details by manipulating these holes.

How is KREL One Size Fits All?
The nature of knit is to stretch.  The textile engineering behind the clothing is meant to adapt to your body. The more petite you are, the longer the garment will be. The curvier you are, the shorter the tropical knitwear becomes.

Can I customize my KREL?
We love making our clients happy! If you love the style, but don't see your color.  If you love the color but not the style.  We can customize.  We can alter the shape, the length, the size, and the color.  Contact us here for more information.
If you have an amazing idea and think we're the right person to make it for you, set up an appointment with us to discuss here.

Is KREL vegan?
Yes. KREL Tropical Knitwear is a vegan line. We do not use animal products in our collections and the majority of our line is made from plant-based fibers.  This includes Tencel (Eucalyptus), Bamboo, Cotton, Rayon (Wood Pulp).  We may combine them with metallic and other synthetic yarns for sparkle or glow-in-the-dark effects.