Best Women's Wear by Miami New Times


If you think only a certain type of figure can wear clingy knits during the coolest days of the year, reconfigure your mind. KRELwear is the tropical knitwear for everybody on the spectrum of woman, of whatever stature, dressing for any kind of Miami weather. Owner and designer Karelle Levy uses yarns of every color you can think of to feed into her on-site loom and craft custom pieces to order — although she does have a limited amount of off-the-rack stock available for purchase as well. The pieces — including rompers, shorts and tanks, midi skirts with crop tops, wraps, kaftans, halters, minidresses, you name it (and if you can't name it, Levy will name it for you, or show you a picture of it) — cling gently to the body like a peach to its stone. As in, sweetly. And they also come off without a fight.

On August 31st, I received a surprising call from New Times naming KRELwear as Miami's Best Women's Wear.  It took all day for it to actually hit me.  Maggie (my knitting machine) and I are over the moon with this award!   We have been working so hard, we didn't even notice there was a "secret shopper" checking us out.  So when my friend Erin Newberg sent me a screen shot, my first thought, was "Who wrote this? It's so sweet!" but missed the headline.   As I was in studio working non-stop all day, it took until the call from New Times themselves for it to actually hit.   I'M THE BEST!!!

I couldn't have done it with out you all!  From private orders, to boutique clients, fashion shows, and interviews... I feel even more blessed than before.  

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