In the past 7 months, we have been keeping safe by keeping apart.   We have now become ME,  just Karelle and Maggie (Shima Seiki Industrial Knitting Machine)

The first two months were madness.   Masks were hard to find and in high demand, so I started making a style from long ago that would cover your face.  As it's hot here in Miami, I redesigned it several times and now have a great selection to choose from. Our basic face tube, top elastic tube, mini tube with top and bottom elastic (my favorite), tapered mini tube, and face-kini (just the essentials)

Working on small batch orders for small boutiques and customized pieces private clients while shipping and filling orders from our inventory.  

All the events have ended, and I miss all of you.  No more Stitch N Bitch or Pop-Ups. I turned to the internet and focused my time sharing on the website and instagram.   

I'm working on the website constantly, editing, adding new merchandise to the inventory sale and making new items from the pile of things that never quite made it to the racks.  Keep an eye out on that sale.... 

Everyday I feel thankful for you my clients, for my health and stability.   And now treasure my memories of all the fabulous events, fashion shows, and numerous opportunities I've had. They fill me with joy and now I'm relishing in the slowness of our world.   

Celebrating the past making me yearn for a better future.   I added a page call PAST SHOWS to share the past amazing events and videos of some crazy creative times.  Check it out and feel free to email me some great old shots! and video!   

As we move in an unsteady world, I'm curious about what's to come. 

Sending you all so much love and health.  Let's be good to each other and one day all of this will be back to a better norm! 

Keep up with KREL on INSTAGRAM! 


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