The Couple That KRELs Together Stays Together

The Couple That KRELs Together, Stays Together!

Love is about experimenting.
Love is about sharing.
Love is threading together similarities and differences into a beautiful collection. And what better thing to share than each other's clothes!

Ali is wearing Peep Hole Drop Stitch Gown.
Vin is wearing Drawstring Harem Pants, Mesh-Striped Top, and Robe with Sleeves. 

Enhance your natural love with new KRELwear!

Love is always in the air at KRELwear! Whether it is self-love or love you give to someone else, our clothes fit all occasions. We LOVE the trade-your-partners couture, so why not substitute it with a stylish, cozy kaftan? Our clothes are perfect for all of you, hopeless romantics!

The Meet-Up

You ever see a friend that you haven’t seen in years and instantly reconnect? Well this is the story of Karelle’s and Jispy’s collaboration!

Jipsy The Nefarious Girl
Ali is wearing the V Rib Crop Top Loose
Vin is wearing Kaftan Long Tencel and the two-toned Harem pants.

An Iconic Duo Teams Back Up

On a recent night, beneath a swirl of 2000s indie - pop tunes laid down by the legendary DJ Lolo @ Gramps, voilà! 

Karelle and Jipsy bump into each other and all the memories float back up like olives in the martinis... and just like that, the gang was back together. After the wild trajectory of both their lives and all the ups and downs…what a better way to get spark joy with fashion and photos!

Vin is wearing Tencel Kaftan Medium with Drawstring Harem Pants.
Ali is wearing Mock-Neck Rib Dress and Majestic Vest. 

Love Is Limitless

Karelle put a model call on Instagram for what was the photoshoot of the YEAR!

She met this sweet couple at Superfine Arts. Ali loved the clothes that fit her so well, both personality and body.  Karelle was so pleased to hear her jump at the chance to model.

The original photoshoot featured just Ali.  She asked if her partner could be there, and thankfully he was down to join in.   It was so amazing seeing them interact as well as trade some of their looks, and of course you couldn't deny the love in the room.

See the full shoot ...


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